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Amberizon is a one-stop destination for natural Baltic amber jewelry and supplies. Shop amber directly from Baltic region (Lithuania, Poland and Latvia). We offer a stellar range of traditional and contemporary amber jewellery for babies/kids and adults. We create a wide variety of handcrafted beaded jewelry designs in necklaces, bracelets, anklets, birthstone bracelets, earrings, jewelry sets, lampwork jewelry, bridal and custom jewelry and even children’s jewelry.

Amberizon is a place to buy genuine Baltic amber jewelry. Handcrafted artisan jewelry including amber jewelry has been popular for thousands of years. The uniqueness of handcrafted artisan jewelry continues to keep the demand and market both alive and well around the world. Baltic amber is the only type of amber that has a rich concentration of succinic acid (3-8 %), a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine. Baltic amber is otherwise known as succinite.

All beaded jewelry and beaded gifts are made in the Baltic sea region and most of the handcrafted jewelry designs you will see are one of a kind or made with such a combination of beads that most designs are never identical. Our amber jewellery designers create new collections every week. Our handcrafted natural jewelry collections are created with a personal touch. Approximately 30% of Baltic amber jewelry items offered in our jewelry shop is unique and exist in one specimen only.

At Amberizon, we are fully committed to provide our customers with the very best products and customer service. Our products are made of certified 100% natural authentic Baltic amber. We promise original amber with competitive price, strict quality control and expedited shipment. We do NOT use melted of reconstructed amber. We guarantee the highest quality of our products and authenticity of amber. Please note our 100% satisfaction return policy.

Retail and wholesale online store of Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish amber jewelry. Our jewelry selection includes: amber necklaces for babies, amber bracelets for babies, Baltic amber baby jewelry sets (necklace and anklet, necklace and bracelet, necklace and pendant), adult amber necklaces, adult amber bracelets, jewellery sets, unique amber pendants (heart, fang, butterfly, flower, cross pendants). For bulk/wholesale orders we work with both businesses and individuals. All beads in our store are made of pure genuine Baltic amber, with no glues, resin or additives.

Get the best deals on loose beads made of 100% natural certified Baltic amber. We offer both retail and wholesale quantities of beads. Affordable rates and a fun selection of loose amber beads of various shapes and colors. Loose beads are available in polished, semi-polished (frosted) and raw/unpolished styles. Loose beads are used to make jewelry and add decorative touches to a variety of objects. Amber beads come in many shapes, sizes, and colors (honey, cognac, cherry, green, yellow, white/royal, lemon, golden, red, butterscotch). The most popular bead materials are gemstones and metal. At Amberizon we mainly focus on amber gemstone beads. Our beads can be used to create necklaces and bracelets for mum and baby, earrings, beaded bracelets, etc.