Baltic amber colors explained: lemon, golden, honey, cherry, grey/black, egg-yolk, milky-white, royal white amber
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Exploring the Dazzling Palette: Baltic Amber Colors Unveiled

What Are The Colors of Amber?

Baltic amber, the most sought-after type of amber, exhibits a wide range of colors, ranging from pale yellow to deep reddish-brown. The variation in color is attributed to the different botanical sources of the trapped resin and the chemical composition of the resin itself. Some of the common colors of Baltic amber beads include:

1. Lemon amber color (or golden amber color)

    Baltic amber colors explained: lemon amber (golden amber) colors

    Lemon or golden amber refers to a particular hue within the spectrum of amber colors. It embodies shades that range from a pale, sunny yellow to deeper, more golden tones. This color variation is often prized for its warm and radiant appearance, resembling the color of ripe lemons or golden sunlight. Lemon or golden amber holds a classic and timeless appeal, making it a popular choice in jewelry and ornamental crafts.

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    2. Honey amber color

    Baltic amber colors: Honey amber color

    Honey amber refers to a warm, rich color within the spectrum of amber hues. It typically embodies shades reminiscent of the golden tones found in natural honey, ranging from a deep, caramel-like color to a lighter, more translucent gold. This color variation in amber exudes a soothing warmth and radiance, often making it a sought-after choice for jewelry and ornamental pieces. Honey amber's inviting and lustrous appearance adds an elegant and timeless charm to various creations.

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    3. Cognac amber color

    Baltic amber color: Cognac amber (cognac, light cognac, dark cognac)

    Baltic amber colors explained: Dark cognac amber beads

    Cognac amber is a specific hue within the range of colors found in amber. It's named after the deep, warm tones resembling the rich color of cognac, a type of brandy. This variation of amber typically showcases a beautiful array of reddish-brown to deep brown hues, often with a touch of golden or orange undertones. Cognac-colored amber exudes an earthy, luxurious warmth, making it a popular choice for jewelry and decorative items, offering a sense of sophistication and elegance.

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    4. Cherry amber color

    Baltic amber colors: Cherry amber jewelry (dark cherry, red-cherry)

    Cherry amber is a distinctive color variation within the spectrum of amber hues. It embodies deep, reddish-brown tones that resemble the rich color of ripe cherries. This particular shade of amber exudes warmth, vibrancy, and a touch of intensity, reminiscent of the luscious hue found in cherries. Cherry amber is prized for its bold and captivating appearance, often used in jewelry and ornamental pieces to add a vivid and eye-catching element to designs.

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    5. Milky white and pure white (royal white) amber

    Baltic amber colors explained: White and milky white amber

    This is a combination of milky-white and royal white amber.

    White amber: A milky white color that can sometimes exhibit a pale yellow or orange tint. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and peace.

    White Baltic amber, also known as royal white amber, is a rare and highly prized color variation in the spectrum of amber hues. This particular type of amber showcases a creamy or milky white coloration, often exhibiting a translucent or opaque appearance.

    White Baltic amber is cherished for its ethereal and elegant appeal, standing out from the more commonly seen golden, honey, or cognac colors. It exudes a sense of purity and sophistication, making it a sought-after choice for crafting exquisite jewelry and ornamental pieces.

    The white coloration in Baltic amber is attributed to gas bubbles or air pockets that get trapped during the fossilization process. These inclusions scatter light differently within the resin, resulting in the distinct milky or creamy white appearance. Due to its rarity and unique aesthetic, white Baltic amber holds a special allure for collectors and artisans alike.

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    Each shade of Baltic amber tells a unique story, reflecting the ancient processes that transformed resin into these precious gemstones. Whether you choose the radiant warmth of golden yellow, the elegant sophistication of cognac, or the mystical allure of black, Baltic amber's captivating colors offer a timeless expression of beauty and meaning.


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