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Loose amber beads for jewelry making & craft projects

Cute girl in amber workshop - Crafting Baltic amber bracelet

Welcome to our shop, where we've been proudly offering loose amber beads since 2003. With over two decades of experience, we've been a trusted source for those seeking the beauty and uniqueness of amber in bead form. Our journey started in 2003, and since then, we've been dedicated to providing high-quality loose amber beads to jewelry makers, crafters, and enthusiasts.

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Create your own genuine Baltic Amber jewelry with ease! Our catalog offers a diverse range of loose Baltic amber beads, available in various colors, shapes, and surfaces. From baroque to bean shapes, and polished to raw surfaces, the choices are plentiful. Choose from milky, lemon, green, honey, cognac, and cherry hues, each offering its unique charm.

 Cherry Baltic amber beads for jewelry making - Round amber beads (Balls)

Our high-quality amber beads come in a wide range of colors and finishes and are known for their uniformity in size and shape. This makes them perfect for creating intricate designs and patterns in beaded jewelry. In this ultimate guide to beaded jewelry design, we will explore the world of Amberizon beads and show you how to create stunning jewelry pieces using these versatile beads.

 Honey round amber beads - DIY - for jewelry making - bracelet making, necklace making, earring making

Our loose beads come directly from Baltic Sea countries: Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia—the heart of amber origin. Amberizon offers 100% genuine Baltic amber beads, perfect for creating breathtaking designs for your jewelry.

 Grey unpolished raw amber beads ready for jewelry making

Loose amber beads serve various purposes in jewelry making and crafting:

  •  Jewelry Making:

Loose amber beads are often used to create unique and personalized jewelry pieces. They can be incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets, allowing for endless design possibilities.


  • Crafting:

Amber beads can be used in various crafting projects beyond jewelry making. They can be integrated into home decor items, such as beaded curtains, keychains, or embellishments for handmade items.


  • Artistic Projects:

Artists and craftsmen use loose amber beads in a range of artistic projects, including sculptures, mixed media art, and other creative endeavors where the unique qualities of amber can add aesthetic appeal.


  • Healing Jewelry:

Some individuals believe in the healing properties of amber and use loose beads to create jewelry with potential therapeutic benefits. Amber is thought by some to have calming and soothing effects, especially in teething jewelry for children.


  • Educational Purposes:

Loose amber beads can be used for educational purposes, such as in workshops or classes where participants learn about jewelry making, gemology, or cultural history related to amber.


  • Gift Making:

Crafters often use loose amber beads to create handmade gifts for friends and family. The warm and unique appearance of amber adds a personal touch to gifts, making them extra special.


  • DIY Projects:

DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists incorporate loose amber beads into various do-it-yourself projects, from creating personalized accessories to embellishing clothing or accessories.

  • Collections:

Some individuals collect loose amber beads as part of their gemstone or jewelry bead collections. Amber's diverse colors and inclusions make each bead unique, contributing to the appeal of a collection.

 Beadword: Amber tree made of tumbled Baltic amber gemstones

Beads aren't just for jewelry; they're perfect for decorating personal items like handbags and purses. You'll even spot them enhancing household items like cushions and tablecloths. Bead sizes vary greatly, from tiny ones that require precision tools to handle, to larger beads exceeding a centimeter in diameter.

 Baltic amber donut beads - DIY

What factors determine the value of loose amber beads?

The pricing and value of Amber Gemstone Beads are influenced by several factors: size, weight, color, luster, cut, clarity, translucency, refractive index, dispersion, cleavage, fracture, unusual optical phenomena, and rarity.


Selecting the Perfect Amber Beads

For crafting exquisite beaded jewelry with amber, the initial step is selecting the ideal beads. Amberizon offers a diverse array of sizes and shapes, from round to square and cylindrical. After picking the size and shape, delve into our extensive palette of colors and finishes. Our beads showcase various finishes, from matte to polished/glossy and transparent. Explore an array of colors, spanning classic neutrals to vibrant, daring hues.


Our beads are jewelry-ready with pre-drilled holes (~1mm), eliminating the need for additional preparation. Perfect for creating teething jewelry for children or elegant pieces for adults. Each gram typically contains around 10 loose beads, sized between 4-6mm. Plus, our low minimum wholesale order of just 10 grams allows buyers to explore our quality bead supplies affordably.


Our Wholesale Amber Loose Beads and Parts section has top-notch Baltic amber beads and parts. They're great for making jewelry and craft projects. Stores and sellers can buy these in large amounts, giving people lots of choices to make their special designs. Our wholesale option only needs a minimum order of 10 grams, making it easy for you to check out our bead supplies without spending too much.


Begin creating your Baltic Amber jewelry today!

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