Baltic amber in Lithuania

Baltic amber from Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country from Baltic region with no natural resources other than amber, hence it is sometimes called as Lithuanian Gold.

Lithuania has gorgeous food, friendly people, beautiful rural landscapes, cosy capital city Vilnius and it has Baltic amber. Amber is known as “Lithuanian gold,” and many know it for its beauty in pieces of jewellery and art. It is the most popular souvenir from Lithuania. Lithuanian ancestors used amulets to protect against evil powers and beads were given for kids to chew so their teeth would grow faster and stronger.

According to Lithuanian folklore, Perkunas, god of thunder, got angry when sea goddess Jurate and drop-dead gorgeous fisherman Kastytit got it together. Whipping the sea up into a frenzy, Perkunas chained Jurate to her underwater amber palace and smote it, bringing it down around her. Now, when the goddess cries, the sea becomes upset and stormy, washing her amber tears and fragments of her destroyed palace on to the beach. That is why amber is best gathered after a storm.

Amber is also a significant part of Lithuania’s national costume. One of the museums is located in an amazing, classical-style palace which is the diamond of the Botanical Garden in Palanga.

Baltic tribes used amber as early as 2000-1800 BC to craft jewellery and weaving tools, treat diseases and protect people against evil spirits. Amber incense was used to protect children against misfortune, as well as newlyweds and husbands going to a war. “Amber (gintaras), found on the Baltic Sea shores, was and is highly treasured and is the national gem of Lithuania.

Baltic amber in Lithuania, major facts:

  • Amber (Gintaras in Lithuanian language) is used in the Lithuanian language for all sorts of reasons: people’s names, restaurants, hotels, festivals, museums and more.
  • Small Lithuania has 500+ big and small companies dealing with Baltic amber (manufacturers, jewelry designers, artisans, wholesale companies.
  • Baltic amber jewelry / stones / beads is the most popular souvenir from Lithuania, with countless shops and galleries in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Kretinga, Palanga.
  • City of Palanga is the center of Lithuanian amber industry. Palanga is located on the Lithuanian sea coast that is famous for its beautiful white sand and dune beaches, something that cannot be found anywhere else on the coast Baltic Sea.
  • The Palanga Amber Museum (Palangos Gintaro Muziejus), near the Baltic Sea in Palanga, Lithuania, is a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum. Amber museum is situated inside the fabulous 19th century Neo Classical former mansion of Count Tiskevicius.
  • Gintarautojai – amber gatherers.

Lithuanian links:

Lithuanian Baltic amber jewelry: baby jewelry (bracelets/anklets, necklaces, sets), adult amber jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, charm beads), beading supplies (screw clasps, loose beads).

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