Loose amber beads for jewelry making – Baltic amber supplies

Shop our wide selection of certified loose amber beads, perfect for creating unique jewelry pieces. Our collection offers a range of shapes, including round, baroque, chips, beans, free-form, nuggets, disks, barrels, buttons, and olives, and is available in polished, raw/unpolished (frosted), and semi-polished styles. Our amber gemstone bead collection includes a range of colors, such as golden, honey, lemon, cognac, cherry, green, orange, red, white (royal), matt, butterscotch, and egg yolk. Each amber bead is unique, featuring its own natural variations in color and shape. Hand-selected for their stunning color and quality, each bead is made from 100% genuine Baltic sea amber. Make your own bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more with our high-quality beading supplies. Our loose beads are drilled and ready to use. Shop now for your jewelry-making supplies!

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