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Raw amber baby necklace – Smooth semi-polished chips


Baltic raw amber chip baby necklace

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Bi-color chip bead Baltic amber baby necklace


Knotted baby necklace | Size: 12,6” –  13” (32-33cm) | Polished Baltic amber chip beads in honey & cognac colors


Professionally handcrafted in Lithuania with strict quality control system using genuine high-quality Baltic amber beads. Each necklace is made of authentic pure amber beads. Attractive to wear, gently comfortable, lightweight and beautiful. It works once it touch the skin. 100% natural Baltic beads. No admixture, not genetically modified, not chemically impacted.

Baby necklace specs

  • Bead shapes: chips
  • Length: 12,6” –  13” (32-33cm)
  • Color: honey & cognac
  • Finish: polished amber beads
  • Safety: knotted, screw/twist clasp (closure)
  • Made in: Lithuania/Latvia
  • Fast shipping from Baltic region


Please measure before purchasing to ensure you are buying the correct size.

  • 11″ (28cm)  – 0 to 6 months
  • 11,8″ (30cm)  – 6 months to 1 year
  • 12,5″  (32cm) – 1 to 2.5 years
  • 13,5″  (34cm) – 2.5 to 5 years
  • 15″  (38cm) – 5 to 10 years (child)
  • 16″ (40,5cm) – 10 to 15 years (teenager)

How to use

Wear your Baltic Amber necklace next to the skin, under clothing, and as close to the pain source as possible. For children, remove jewelry during nap and sleep times. Do not wear jewelry in the bath or pool. You only need to replace the necklace after 3 years use

Warning/Safety first!

Children must be supervised while wearing jewelry. Our necklaces are designed, however, with the safety of children in mind. Each bead is individually knotted on the strand. This means that if the necklace were to break, only one small bead would be released rather than all of the beads on the strand. Our necklaces are available with plastic screw or pop clasps, each with a safety release built in. Necklaces contain small parts. Children must be supervised at all times while wearing jewelry.Variety of styles, colors, and sizes

Alternative product names:

Baby necklace, necklace for babies, teething necklace, children’s necklace


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