Facts about amber - Baltic amber

Interesting Facts about Amber

  1. The Romans used to pay much more for small amber amulets than for a healthy workforce such as slaves.
  2. 2. In 79 AD, Plinius wrote about how Italian women from the north of the country were wearing amber beads and amber necklaces.
  3. In order to protect himself against kidney stones, Martin Luther used to carry an amber piece in his pocket.
  4. In ancient China, amber was burnt during festivities and ceremonies in order to honor the guests and as a symbol of the host’s wealth.
  5. Mohammed believed that a true believer would make his praying beads from amber.
  6. Hippocrates, considered to be the father of healing, used amber against various ailments such as delirium tremens.
  7. Thales from Milet discovered amber’s electricity by rubbing a piece of amber against cloth. The rubbing resulted in sparks caused by amber’s attraction force of husks and small wooden splinters. That is why Greeks called it Elektra or Electron.
  8. Ancient civilizations such as Greeks, Romans and Stone Age sun worshippers all believed in amber’s healing and rejuvenating effects.
  9. Amber has been an ornamental stone since ancient times, due to its background, electric properties, warmth and aroma, color and luster.
  10. Ancient Greeks named amber Elektra, because of its electrical properties, and even the great Homer had amber in mind when describing the beautiful golden electron on his warrior characters’ shields.

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